Telecom Spend Optimization


Research shows up to 20% of telecom charges are incorrect and 85% of these inaccuracies favor the carrier. Also, the majority of customers pay their telecom bills in full without review. These practices add up to significant waste in telecommunications infrastructure spending. Do you have consistent, effective processes for reviewing and managing your telecom invoices against contractual agreements and actual usage?

Telecom Bills:

Top Landmines and How to Avoid Them


Tracking and reducing telecom costs may seem like an overwhelming task, but a disciplined and systematic approach creates a huge opportunity to clean up inventory, demystify invoices and drive down costs significantly.

ClearEdge has observed a wide range of client telecom maturity, which is a critical influence on exposure and costs when dealing with carriers. ClearEdge guides clients in best practices and stronger execution to boost efficiencies and performance in their telecom spend. Services include:

Mobility & Wireline Assessment

Evaluate current state with carriers:

    • Interview key stake holders

    • High level carrier invoice and contract review

    • Identify key issues, risks, and opportunities

    • Document priorities for improvement 

TEM/WMM Assessment

Evaluate current state with TEM/WMM provider:

    • Interview key stake holders

    • Assess current performance and how it impacts business

    • Document pros and cons in performance

    • Document inconsistencies and areas to be considered for improvement​

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