Countering Supplier Strategy with Effective Messaging

The second of three sessions in our IT Deal Maker Academy Workshop, Countering Supplier Strategy with Effective Messaging will focus on how to counteract supplier incumbency by identifying prevailing strategies, predicting supplier tactics and developing messaging plans to counteract them with in the sales process.

Identify Sales Strategies & Tactics, Then Neutralize Them

This online course will allow you to identify supplier sales strategies and develop messaging which will neutralize them. Traditional negotiation training often fails to identify, create and exploit leverage in cross-functional buying situations. This enables
suppliers to control spending events and consistently outperform enterprise buyers. By focusing on messaging which motivates
the sales team and clearly outlines leverage, buyers can regain control in their negotiations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to identify the prevailing IT supplier sales strategies

  • Understand suppliers’ deal approval process and the role of the forecast

  • Anticipate the tactics a supplier will use to support their sales strategy

  • Use frameworks to develop messages that influence the forecast and change the dynamics of a deal


This online course combines interactive discussions and self-guided work built on real world case studies, actual contract examples, and real supplier situations including Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce. Participants will return to their organizations with tools in hand to improve execution on their next deal. Frameworks and worksheets include:

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Sales Strategy Identification

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Buyer Leverage Assessment

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Sales Tactics Identification

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Sales Tactics Neutralization

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Buyer Message Development

Online Agenda

The online delivery of Countering Supplier Strategy with Effective Messaging program is delivered across five 90-minute modules, each set throughout one week and includes some brief nightly "homework" to prepare for each module.

Module 1: Supplier Strategy

  • Introduction to Supplier Strategy - Discussion

  • Strategy Identification - Workshop

  • Workshop Output - Discussion

Module 2: Tactics & Execution

  • Tactics Supporting Strategy - Discussion

  • Strategy & Execution - Workshop

  • Workshop Output - Discussion

Module 4: Messaging & The Sales Funnel

  • Messaging & the Role of the Sales Funnel - Discussion

  • Measuring Messaging Effectiveness - Workshop

Module 5: Building Effective Messaging

  • Messaging for Specific Sales Scenarios - Workshop

Module 3: Neutralizing Playbooks

  • Supplier Strategy Playbooks - Discussion

  • Neutralizing Supplier Playbooks - Workshop

  • Workshop Output - Discussion

"The strategy identification and messaging frameworks provided are tools I'll always keep within reach.  They allow me to quickly assess the situation, predict the supplier's sales strategy and begin to formulate my response."

VP of Infrastructure - Fortune 100 Retailer

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The Countering Strategy with Effective Messaging program is available online for $995/person.

Group discounts are available for multiple participants from one organization.  Contact your ClearEdge account team.

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Countering Strategy 
with Effective Messaging

Week of May 16, 2022

12:30 - 2:00 PM EST Daily

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