Software Audit Response Guide


Software publishers use license compliance and software audits to drive millions in net new revenue every year. With large IT costs at stake, software audit readiness must be made a priority. To assist software buyers, ClearEdge Partners has developed a guide on the best practices in responding to a software audit notification from top software publishers, like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

This guide provides a concise list of software audit “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that provides the context you need to prepare yourself for any future software audit notification. Key topics addressed include:

The Software Audit Do’s

1. Reviewing Software Contract Rights & Compliance Requirements

2. Requesting a Non-Disclosure Agreement

3. Scrutinize the Software Auditor’s Tools & Scripts

4. Taking Your Time and Fighting Software Audit Urgency

5. Review All Entitlement Data Before Submitting to Software Publisher

6. Ask Questions for Additional Audit Clarity

7. Assigning Executive Sponsors on Your Team

The Software Audit Dont’s

1. Meeting with the Software Auditors Without Proper Preparation

2. Masking Data without Support or Expert Involved

3. Sending Install Data Before Entitlement Baseline is Established

4. Meeting with Auditor One-On-One

5. Don’t Be Intimidated by Software Auditors or Audit Urgency

6. Volunteer Unnecessary Compliance Related Information

7. Prepare and Do Not Procrastinate

Each of these “Do’s” or “Don’ts” is paired with insights from former software auditors on ClearEdge’s compliance team. Understanding their insights will provide the knowledge you need to properly formulate and prepare the best defense against a software audit. Understanding the tactics that vendors and software auditors deploy will put you ahead of the curve during an audit to identify risk and maximize optimization opportunities.


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