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SAM Tool Optimization & Validation

ClearEdge SAM tool experts assist customers in setting up their SAM tools
effectively within their environments and monitor output to validate accuracy of
results. Key operations that ClearEdge manages for organizations include
entitlement loading, reporting, and conducting internal self-audits on your most
strategic software publishers.


ClearEdge will ensure that your
contractual entitlements to software
licensing is entered into your tool
correctly and can be referenced
easily by your business.


Accurately monitor any usage gaps
that need to be addressed by the
business to avoid under-utilization or
overages that could spark true-up or
software compliance fees.

Monitoring &
Health Checks

ClearEdge performs ongoing
assessments of the SAM tool,
validating completeness and accuracy of results to ensure efficient
and effective data.

SAM Tool Experience

ClearEdge has expertise in a variety of Software Asset Management tools, including:

Building a Holistic SAM Program

SAM is more than having a tool. Without skilled resources, governance, process,
and proper tool configuration, the program inevitably falls short. In such situations,
the SAM tool can leave an organization exposed to audit risk when auditors harvest
SAM tool data to create compliance findings.


of Organizations with a SAM Tool

Paid $1m+ in Audit Fees in the last 365 Days


of Organizations with a SAM Tool

Paid $1M+ in Audit Fees in the Last 365 Days

SAM Tool Management

The Benefits & Limitations
of SAM Tools

Software asset management tools (SAM) tools
are powerful resources for organizations that can
properly set them up and consistently utilize them
correctly. Unfortunately, SAM tool customers are
often oversold on unrealistic expectations about
how comprehensive current market tools are,
and how easy they are to use.

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SAM Tool Configuration Services

ClearEdge can configure and monitor your Software Asset Management tools to drive optimization of license adoption and usage throughout your organization. If you are interested in learning more about our SAM Tool Configuration Services or want to request a proposal, fill out our contact form.