SAM Program Assessment & Design Services

Establish an Efficient and Effective Software Asset Management Program

SAM Program Assessment & Design Services

Establish an Efficient and Effective Software Asset Management Program

An Effective SAM Program
Drives Cost Efficiencies

A proper software asset management function relies
on an adept team of professionals that have
expertise in publisher licensing models, conducting
organizational audits for license compliance, and in-
depth knowledge on the functionality and limitations
of SAM tools. An effective SAM program will drive
organizational efficiencies, cost savings and
avoidance, and risk mitigation with your most
strategic software purchases.


The Benefits of Establishing Software Asset Management

Track Organization-
Wide Entitlements Per
Software Publisher

Develop Recommendations &
Insights on Licensing Cost
Reduction Strategies

Reduce Software Audit
Compliance and
Verification Fees

Effective SAM Needs People, Process, and Technology

A common misconception is that achieving an effective SAM program is as
simple as having a tool in place to track software throughout its lifecycle.
While a tool is important, it is not enough. To effectively manage and track
software, an organization needs a combination of:

People: Skilled resources that understand the license rules and contracts

Process: Defined steps and policies for how software is approved, purchased, and used

Technology: Tools that help track the inventory on machines and historical license purchases

Our Best Practices for Software Asset Management Governance

Throughout the software lifecycle, ClearEdge assists your team in
establishing the right people, processes, and technology to optimize your
Software Asset Management activities.

Strive for Software Asset Management Maturity

ClearEdge assesses an organization’s SAM maturity level based on their proficiency across
organizational management, inventory processes, license verification and compliance,
software operations management, and software lifecycle processes. Our SAM Program
Assessment and Design Services aim at identifying an organization’s current state and
providing recommendations to fully optimize their software asset management efforts.

Want to Grade Your Organization’s SAM Maturity?

Want to Build a Successful SAM Program?

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ClearEdge can help assess your SAM program against ISO-defined standards and provide a roadmap to resolve gaps. If you are interested in learning more about our SAM Program Assessment and Design Services or want to request a proposal, fill out our contact form.