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License Optimization Services

Optimize Costs, Prepare for Renewals and Mitigate Audit Risk

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Get More Out of Your Software Asset Management

A proper software asset management function relies on an adept team of professionals with expertise in publisher licensing models, conducting organizational audits for license compliance, and in-depth knowledge on the functionality and limitations of SAM tools. An effective SAM program will drive organizational efficiencies, cost savings and avoidance, and risk mitigation with your most strategic software purchases.

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Benefits of an Effective SAM Program

  • Trustworthy Entitlement and Deployment Data

  • License Information and Insights

  • Actionable Knowledge for License Cleanup and Optimization

  • Savings, Cost Avoidance, and Risk Mitigation

The Challenge with Software Asset Management

Software asset management is a very complex and difficult process for many companies, and without proper governance and tools to support these efforts, mitigating common deal risks can be a major challenge.

What Does It Take to Run an Effective SAM Program?

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Licensing expertise for each software publisher utilized

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Resources with prior software auditing experience

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In-depth knowledge of SAM tool functionality and limitations

How Our License Optimization Services Can Help You

With ClearEdge’s License Optimization Services, you receive access to a full team of former software auditors, all with subject matter expertise in different software licensing. We will  inject the necessary level of expertise to drive the best deal outcomes and reduce risk of compliance surprises.

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SAM Program Assessment & Design

Assess your SAM program against ISO-defined standards and provide a roadmap to resolve gaps.

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Install SAM tools, connect licensing data, and document ongoing processes.

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License Reconciliation & Optimization

Optimize licensing and expose potential areas of non-compliance to reduce cost and risk.

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Audit Defense & Response

Respond to audit notification with a team of former auditors on your side to protect against audit fees.

SAM Tool Configuration
& Management

We are Licensing Experts.

At ClearEdge, we have a team of former software auditors and licensing subject matter experts for each of the top software publishers in the market today.

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Meet The Team

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Tres Larsen
Managing Director, Software Asset Management

As a former software auditor, Tres helped hundreds of organizations build proactive SAM programs. Tres takes the tactics he once used as an auditor to advise his clients on how to establish best-in-class SAM programs to mitigate risk and optimize licensing. Prior to joining ClearEdge, Tres led KPMG’s Microsoft software audit program in North America.


Richard Wright 
Director, Software Asset Management

Richard is a former Senior Auditor at SAP, where he generated millions of dollars in audit collections. Most recently, Richard served as a License Compliance Manager at Accenture, where he helped establish and grow the SAP Compliance Practice, primarily supporting clients with SAP license optimization and spend reduction.

The Most Frequent Software Publishers We Advise On

We advise on hundreds of different software publishers, but the main suppliers that cause issues for our client base include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP. Each of these suppliers requires extensive licensing knowledge to effectively optimize entitlements and protect against compliance exposure.

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Manage Your Requests in ClearEdge's Leverage Management Portal

ClearEdge uses its Leverage Management Portal to store deal request data, recommend best practices, and track engagement milestones to keep your team up-to-date with all of the necessary action items to drive success.

Our Expertise on Your Team

ClearEdge can help drive cost optimization and risk mitigation within your most strategic software investments. If you are interested in learning more about our Software Asset Management (SAM) Services or want to request a proposal, fill out our contact form.