Symantec Essential Support Replaced Express Buying Program, Basic Maintenance Options

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

New Costs = 25-125% Licensing Fees.

Symantec discontinued Basic Maintenance in April of 2017. After that, only Express Buying Program customers could make Basic Maintenance renewals. Then, the Express Buying Program was discontinued in April of 2018. Now, Essential Support is the entry-level maintenance offering.

Customers will now have to pay up to five times as much as they were paying before, depending on the product. Large enterprises can’t risk a lapse in coverage so they’re probably already purchasing at least Essential Support (which provides 24/7 support vs 8-hour support); these increases will likely hit small- and medium-sized companies harder, many of whom were satisfied with Symantec’s Basic Maintenance.

Symantec is a leader in the security sector with one of the most comprehensive catalogues of product offerings, with many different solutions available in one contract. However, there are myriad newer vendors whose products perform as well or better, and cost less. Contact your ClearEdge representative to discuss this matter further.

Jose Valdovinos is an Analyst II at ClearEdge Partners, Inc.