Rachel Annello, Analyst

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

What’s it really like to work on client deals?

Pretty cool! We told one client recently that we found a $40M savings opportunity; they were skeptical. They asked if the vendor would laugh at them if they proposed a number that was $40M less. We provided the research and analysis to back up their negotiations and made them feel confident with the argument. They ended up saving the $40M.

Can you describe a typical day as an Analyst?

I spend my time inspecting business deals (cases) involving software suppliers – specifically, IBM and Salesforce. In addition to case work, I do research, train new hires and work on training documentation -- breaking down problems into digestible steps.

Rachel Annello - Analyst - ClearEdge Partners

What’s the best thing about working at ClearEdge?

The company culture. Everyone is so friendly and willing to take time to help you out, which creates endless opportunities for learning and personal growth. Working in groups here is enjoyable – which is not usually the norm. My coworkers are eager to hop on a new project idea that you have, or help you brainstorm.

What lead you to ClearEdge?

I was good at math and went to college for business, where an advisor asked me if I’d ever considered an actuarial career path. I hadn’t, but I was interested enough to take a few actuarial exams (P, FM, MFE). My first job after college was at a big insurance company, but it wasn’t a good fit: the work was highly-automated and dry, and I felt like there were no opportunities to make a difference there. I found the professional world much more dismal than I expected.

Then a college friend suggested I interview at ClearEdge, where he was working. I was happy to become part of a small, fast-paced environment where my contributions were valued, and my responsibilities kept expanding.

What, if anything, surprised you about working at ClearEdge?

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the client advisory aspect of the job so much. I had previously worked in customer service and found it very uncomfortable. To my surprise, I discovered that being on calls with clients is one of my favorite parts of the job. They are always grateful for the insight that we provide and I'm always grateful to learn from their experiences as well. We have thought-provoking conversations around vendor behavior and the knowledge they share on phone calls is invaluable.

Rachel Annello - Analyst - ClearEdge Partners

What do you do when you’re not at ClearEdge?

I like lifting weights, boxing and team sports. I also participate in the Big Sisters program of Boston. My ’little sister’ loves sports, cooking and burgers, so we spend a lot of time teaching each other new activities, researching recipes to make together, and taste-testing the best burger joints in the area.