Quick-Tips: Oracle Deal-Maker Toolkit

Updated: Mar 25

Oracle customers must prepare for engagements long before a purchase or renewal and are urged to understand their environment and future needs to avoid falling prey to the vendor’s aggressive sales and auditing behavior. Oracle generates revenue growth through their LMS team as well as sales strategies. Vendor tactics include:

  • Taking advantage of complex licensing rules

  • Taking the lead on determining your demand

  • Providing grossly inflated proposals

  • Peppering contracts with “boiler plate” contractual language that doesn’t protect the customer

  • Targeting customers for formal and “soft audits” for reasons shown in the slide below

To combat these tactics, clients are urged to better understanding the vendor’s approach to driving revenue through sales and audits. This means being ready for a deal before Oracle comes to a table with a proposal, becoming more expert at building your own demand models, working to prevent audits, and avoiding common “gotchas” in Oracle contracts, as indicated in the following slide.

To compete with Oracle and neutralize their sales strategy, clients should start planning for a deal early and execute a set of best practices focused on data collection, risk inspection, and deal option development. These deal planning activities are vital for creating an effective deal strategy, which makes running a deal execution more painless, because you did all the work and planning to get here. We developed a proven process, as well as a series of deal preparation tools our clients can use to optimize successful deal outcomes, which are available on our Client Portal.

To learn more about engaging more effectively with Oracle and driving better deal outcomes, download our webinar titled Oracle Deal-Maker Toolkit or contact your ClearEdge representative.

- Tanya Lutsyuk is a Principal Analyst at ClearEdge Partners.