Return to Office Spurs Uptick in Desk Reservation Software Inquiries

With more and more businesses bringing their employees back to the office, companies are looking for systems to help manage this process. ClearEdge has subsequently experienced a recent surge in requests for information about Desk/Office Reservation software and pricing. These offerings are also known as “Hoteling” products and can fall under the broader category of Workplace/Facilities Management Software.

For those looking to invest in one of these solutions, we recommend securing proposals from multiple vendors to compare costs and increase negotiation leverage. There are a lot of vendors, pricing options, and licensing models to choose from, and competition among them is red hot. In fact, we have seen instances of vendors providing a price-matching guarantee when the services provided are similar.

Here is a snapshot of the main competitors in the Desk Reservation Software marketplace:

Additional potential competitors include Archibus, Inc., Eden Workplace, and PWC.

Note that each vendor offers a slightly different solution breakdown and uses a different naming convention for their metrics, however the solutions appear to be comparable in terms of features provided.

A final word of caution: these solutions are being implemented in response to unprecedented times, and there is a strong likelihood for change in this space during the months and years ahead. Because of this, we recommend that customers demand strong price protections during and after the term of their agreements. This would include negotiating true down protection if demand for the solution decreases during the term.

For more information and details regarding the pricing we've observed for these solutions, contact your ClearEdge representative to get in touch with our analyst subject matter experts.

- Meghan Smith is a Senior Analyst at ClearEdge Partners.