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Managed Services

Deal Strategy Assessment

Grade your Services negotiation strategy against best-in-class deal data from over 4,000 services sales negotiations that ClearEdge has assisted in, involving the inspection and analysis of more than $10B in IT spend. Take the Managed Services Deal Strategy Assessment to find out how prepared you are for deal success. 

The Risk Hidden in Managed Services Deals

Why is it Important to Achieve a Favorable Services Negotiation Position?

Managed services agreements are among the most risk filled and difficult contracts to negotiate given their custom scoping requirements, performance metrics, and lack of transparency around pricing, which hinders the ability to benchmark costs against competitive solutions.
As a result, many organizations fall victim to cost premiums and scope changes over the course of their managed services relationship with their


To be competitive in these types of engagements, customers must understand and diligently implement best practices to mitigate contract risk in
these deals. 
This Managed Services Deal Assessment will analyze your current negotiation strategy and compare it against the best Managed Services deal practices aggregated across all ClearEdge client engagements to identify areas of improvement and risk mitigation. 


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The Services Deal Strategy Assessment Grading Criteria

A Measure of Your Negotiation Position

Managed service provider sales teams are masters at executing their intricate deal strategy, winning over customer stakeholders, constructing convoluted and complicated spending models, and growing their product footprint within a customer’s organization. These activities occur as the sales team actively works to eliminate any and all sources of negotiation leverage you may have.

To assist our clients in achieving best-in-class deal results and compete against any managed services sales team, ClearEdge developed a negotiation framework and methodology that walks organizations through the necessary steps, tasks, skills, and action items to maintain and preserve negotiation leverage with any managed services provider. Our buying methodology was created by analyzing deal trends across all client engagements, providing the necessary data, insights, and knowledge to properly define the best practices when it comes to executing a successful managed services deal.

Our Best Practices Model for Managed Services highlights the necessary activities organizations need to complete during the five main stages of the deal cycle in order to achieve a successful outcome:

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Architectural Structure

The Managed Services Deal Strategy Report

After you take the assessment, you will receive:

Deal Strategy Summary & Overall Leverage

Areas of Improvement & Recommendations

Deal Strategy Summary and Overall Leverage Score

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ClearEdge will create an executive summary that details the overall Services supplier relationship with your organization, the observations made from your assessment results, and your overall grade on how prepared your organization is to start negotiations and drive best-in-class results. This section will provide a high-level overview and visualization of how well your organization is currently performing in each of the nine areas highlighted in ClearEdge’s Leverage Management Maturity Model Framework.

Services Deal Strategy Scorecard

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To provide context of the results and feedback highlighted in the Executive Summary section of this report, ClearEdge will provide a detailed score breakdown for each of the nine categories in the Leverage Management Maturity Model Framework. Each category will be accompanied by a specific grade for your organization and comments made by ClearEdge subject matter experts justifying the score assigned.

Areas of Improvement and Recommendations

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ClearEdge will detail the major areas of improvement that your organization needs to address with recommended actions that can be taken to mitigate the risks currently presented in your Services deal negotiation. In addition to recommended actions that your business can take to ensure deal success, ClearEdge will also provide related service offerings that can augment your team during the negotiation process.

Grade Your Services Deal Now

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If you are interested in receiving the custom Managed Services Deal Strategy Assessment Report that will provide recommended solutions given the context of your deal scenario, feel free to contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your most pressing Managed Services deal or take our online leverage assessment survey now and we will follow up with more information.

Take the Assessment Now to Gain Access to the Report

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Grade your Services negotiation strategy against best-in-class deal data from over 4,000 services sales negotiations that ClearEdge has assisted in, involving the inspection and analysis of more than $10B in IT spend.


If you’d like to receive a personalized report and more in-depth insights on how your deal-making activities compare to others’, click the link below to schedule a meeting with us.