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IBM ILMT Managed Services

IBM Reporting & Verification Struggles

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Customers report that the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) is difficult to use and properly manage, which makes obtaining accurate information on their software deployment an uphill battle. As a result, IBM customers are often left exposed to unbudgeted true-up fees and penalties when they fail to maintain compliance on their licensing. The burden falls on the customer’s vendor management team to establish governance and learn the technical aspects of IBM licensing rules to effectively use ILMT, however complex.

ClearEdge Services & Deliverables

ClearEdge’s ILMT Managed Services supports IBM customers in maintaining and operating the ILMT to measure and monitor software usage and compliance on IBM licensing. The new services provide the following deliverables to clients:

ILMT Health Check
& Quarterly Reporting

ClearEdge ensures that ILMT is integrated into your use case management process. We regularly check the health of the ILMT to ensure that updates to the tool are considered in the configurations, new purchases and license types are pulling properly, and new licensing rules are reviewed to ensure accurate data. This is an end-to-end process in which we check for completeness (covers all servers) and makes sure that all other SAM tools agree with ILMT to confirm reporting accuracy.

Annual Effective
Licensing Position (ELP)

This deliverable relates to audit prevention. ClearEdge establishes regular checkpoints to ensure that deployments match entitlements and reporting is being completed and saved according to the contract. Also, we check that the reports identify any license excesses that need optimization, and compliance gaps that need resolution.

Remediation Plans
for IBM Licensing

To act upon reporting results, ClearEdge delivers a remediation plan with recommendations to optimize licensing and improve the software asset management process to inform IBM renewal or purchase decisions.

Team Leadership & Delivery Model

ClearEdge provides ILMT Managed Services remotely by deploying a team of experienced professionals to work directly with the clients. The team brings decades of experience of working with clients on IBM software asset management and deal negotiation strategy.


Tres Larsen | Software Asset Management

Tres is the Software Asset Management (SAM) and Compliance Practice Lead at ClearEdge. Tres has led hundreds of Software Asset Management (SAM) reviews and audits for enterprise software vendors and helped dozens of enterprises design and implement effective SAM programs and navigate software audits. Prior to joining ClearEdge, Tres established and led KPMG’s Microsoft software compliance program in the U.S., where he designed and developed the audit methodology and audit data collection tools.

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Anthony MA | Software Asset Management and IBM Practice Lead

Anthony has over 10 years of experience in software license auditing, contract compliance and software asset management.  Before joining ClearEdge, Anthony served as an IBM software auditor at KPMG, where he led hundreds of IBM customer audits. He now helps clients build effective SAM programs and navigate the pitfalls of IBM licensing. He brings extensive experience in defending clients against software audits, mitigating software license risk, negotiating contracts, and implementing SAM managed service programs.


Rachel Annello | IBM Practice Lead

Rachel joined ClearEdge in 2016 to focus on software suppliers, including IBM, Red Hat, Salesforce, Tableau and ServiceNow. She is a subject matter expert on SaaS solutions and business applications, providing insight into pricing practices and contracts in complex software solution sales. Rachel previously worked as a pension analyst at Mercer, where she performed pension benefit calculations, and analyzed and tested system configurations against client customized requirements.

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