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By: Rachel Annello, Senior Analyst

Our consulting services projects augment client IT, finance and procurement organizations and helps these professionals drive greater value and create stronger, more productive IT supplier relationships. We provide leadership in enterprise software, hardware and services deal set-up, team alignment, communication, and strategy, supported by real-time market intelligence and transaction analysis. ​

Unlike large consulting firms, ClearEdge brings a light-touch, high-impact approach to clients.  We dispatch small teams of subject matter experts to quickly assess and execute client programs with an eye to minimized disruption and financial risk.  Read More.


Our clients continue to execute more and more multi-year agreements with their most strategic suppliers and with the sharp move to term-based and subscription licensing, we're observing several common pitfalls affecting enterprise buyers. This session will review common deal structures and financial models such as Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs), fixed-quantity capped agreements, tiered pricing and ramp models to highlight pitfalls and misconceptions which can cost buyers millions.

Session highlights include:

  • Decision criteria for when to enter an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

  • Real client examples of overspending due to ramp and tier-based spending models

  • Common gotchas when exiting a ULA

  • How to avoid "analysis paralysis" and move on with "good-enough" demand forecasts