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Customized trainings to educate clients on the best practices in deal execution and negotiation with top technology providers.

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Our Leverage Management Methodology

The Basis of Our Training Curriculum
To assist our clients in achieving best-in-class deal results, ClearEdge developed a negotiation framework and methodology that walks organizations through the precise steps and skills needed to maintain leverage with any supplier. Our methodology, the Leverage Management Maturity Model (LM3), was created by analyzing deal trends across 40,000+ unique client engagements, providing the data to accurately distill a set of proven, repeatable best practices common to the most successful deals.
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Early Warning

Do you have an organized approach to starting deals on time?

risk assessment-01.png

Risk Assessment & Inspection

Do we understand all contractual and business risks?

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Forecast & Modeling

How much product or service do we need, and when do we need it?

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Deal Timeline Development

Have we documented a calendar of

deal-making activities?

supplier knowledge-01.png

Supplier Knowledge

How might supplier sales systems and motivations affect my deal?

deal option dev-01.png

Deal Option Development

What deal alternatives or

"Plan Bs" do we have?

information control-01.png

Information Control

What information will we protect, and what will we share?

exec engagement-01.png

Executive Engagement

Are the executives informed, aligned, and participating on the deal?

messaging development-01.png

Messaging Development

Are we controlling the story with credible and consistent messages?

Stakeholder Awareness Trainings

Developing a culture of Leverage Management requires all deal stakeholders to be on the same page. ClearEdge offers a portfolio of awareness-building training and content that ranges from in-person instruction, virtual trainings, and on-demand learning. The goal is to educate stakeholders on supplier pricing strategies and tactics, and define their role in managing leverage — from controlling critical information to building credible alternatives.

Sales Systems &
Value-Based Pricing
IT vendors have complex, repeatable systems in place to determine and extract the maximum value you’re willing to pay for their solutions. Understanding these systems enable buyers to devise a plan to maximize the value of their purchases.
Leverage Management Fundamentals
Negotiating without leverage is just begging. Based on the experiences of thousands of client deals, ClearEdge has distilled the nine capabilities that maximize leverage and consistently drive best-in-class deal outcomes.
Our Analytics Team spotlights the industry’s largest suppliers, reviews specific challenges, and offers proven tactics to neutralize their sales behavior. These session are updated annually and available on-demand via short videos.
Contract Risk
Identifying and resolving risk in IT contracts pays long-term dividends. These sessions provide a consistent framework for assessing risk in contract language and advise on what terms to demand – or eliminate – from supplier agreements.

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Leverage Management Portal

On-Demand Training

ClearEdge uses its Leverage Management Portal to store deal data, consult on best practices, track engagement milestones, and recommend on-demand content and education to keep your team on top of all of the necessary action items to drive deal success.

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