The ClearEdge Portal

Better Knowledge, Faster.

Enabling IT Deal Leaders

To Compete with their Most Strategic IT Suppliers

Deal Management

& Case Activity

Access a quicker and more organized way to manage your deals

Deal Dashboards

& Performance Monitoring

Win back control of your IT economics by using dashboards to improve your deal performance.

On-Demand Content

& Education

Gain access to subject matter expertise to drive best practices throughout your organization.

A Platform Created

To Empower the Deal Leader

The ClearEdge Portal is a secure, comprehensive, on-demand platform for all deal making activities and needs. ClearEdge developed the Portal to bolster our clients’ ability to consistently deliver value to their organizations with deal knowledge and serve as a communication tool to achieve stakeholder alignment.

Drive Better Alignment

Through Action Items

What are Portal Action Items?

With every deal engagement, a number of specific activities need to be completed to drive the best outcome within a negotiation. These activities vary from supplier to supplier, because every vendor has different risks, pitfalls, pricing structures, agreement types, and sales tactics that require a different strategic approach.

How can Action Items Drive Alignment?

Portal Action Items mimic ClearEdge’s best deal-making and negotiation practices for a given supplier. These best practices were created based on analysis of tens of thousands of deal engagements, teasing out the activities that helped organizations drive the most value in their IT investments. Using the Portal’s Action Items will create a standardized and clearly defined responsibility list for all internal stakeholders in a given deal, maximizing the ability to rally around the same priorities and goals for a deal engagement.

*Action Items are currently available for Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and SAP deals. A more expansive list of Action Items for other strategic suppliers will be released Q2 2021.

Capitalize On Deal Milestones with the

Early Warning System (EWS)

Kick Off Best Practice Behavior

The Early Warning System (EWS) tracks strategic supplier engagements and alerts you to complete key action items during specific deal timeline milestones to maximize the chances of success in your deal.

How Does It Work?

Each entry in the Early Warning System dashboard features a distinct deal timeline Kanban dashboard, where all deal engagements are tracked. The EWS automatically populates a case request to our ClearEdge Analytics team at the most advantageous time for your organization to build a strong negotiation position.



of All Deal Failures

Are a Result of Starting Too Late


of All Deal Failures

Are a Result of Starting Too Late

Not having enough time to engage the needed resources to prepare for a given negotiation will translate into higher prices, risky contractual language, and a lack of negotiating power with any supplier. ClearEdge’s Early Warning System is designed to kick off deal activities at the most opportune time, customized to the context of your IT supplier relationship and agreement. Starting early is half the battle in achieving best-in-class terms and maintaining them in perpetuity.

Manage All of Your Deals

In One Easy-to-Access Place

Deal History

Reports and Dashboards

Track historical case requests through easy-
to-use dashboards and reports.


Deal Request

Case Creation

Submit case requests through a seamless
process integrated within the Portal.


Analyst Notes and


Save all analyst notes, feedback, and
consultative advice within case pages.


Deal History

Reports and Dashboards

Track historical case requests through easy-
to-use dashboards and reports.


Deal Request

Case Creation

Submit case requests through a seamless
process integrated within the Portal.


Analyst Notes and


Save all analyst notes, feedback, and
consultative advice within case pages.


Use Deal Dashboards to Drive

Best Organizational Behavior

ClearEdge uses data and analytics to establish a set of best practices when it comes to deal preparation, planning, and strategy creation. The ClearEdge Portal communicates these best practices and your ability to perform in accordance to them via easy-to-use dashboards and reporting tools.

Track Your Deal Performance

Through Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards Drive Performance.

The ClearEdge Portal offers a number of dashboards that can be used to track historical and current deal performance. The Portal is set up to deliver high-level views that can effectively communicate trends and gaps in performance when assessing your organization’s negotiation position across multiple suppliers and key deal skill areas.

Discover Insights from Data.

Deal leaders can use the dashboards provided through ClearEdge’s Leverage Management Portal to map organizational trends, deal readiness, and analyses in easy-to-digest views. Organizations can better prepare for their upcoming strategic spends with these data points and insights at their fingertips.

Over $80B

in deal spend engagements.

All of the best practices models, dashboards, and analytics delivered through the
ClearEdge Portal are based on extensive research, data, and expertise compiled
over thousands of deal engagements.

Learn More About ClearEdge's Leverage Management Program

Education Tailored

To Your Deal Needs

The ClearEdge Portal uses deal activity trends to recommend on-demand content to inform users and stakeholders
about the suppliers they are competing against, along with provide access to deal specific tools to help
accelerate deal activities and improve performance.

Deliver Stakeholder Value

Through Supplier Knowledge

Stay Up to Date

With Our Supplier Trends Blog

Gain access to short format blogs that detail the most recent trends in the IT supplier market.

Interact With the Experts

During Live & Recorded Webinars

Gain exclusive access to all webinar recordings and registration for upcoming live presentations.

Become an Expert

With Deal-Maker Guides

Download any of our supplier specific guides that cover deal negotiation best practices.

Utilize Deal Tools

To Drive Deal Success

Best-in-class organizations achieve best-in-class results only through an internal standardization of best deal practices across all stakeholders. ClearEdge has created tools that assist organizations in completing the steps, action items, and planning activities required to drive optimal deal outcomes.

Contract Risk Checklists

Every IT supplier contract contains specific risks. Our contract checklists identify the terms and landmines to look for when dealing with individual IT suppliers.

Demand Forecasting Templates

It is common for IT Suppliers to inflate product demand and obscure price transparency within proposals to maximize deal costs. The ClearEdge Portal provides templates to plan your demand accurately, request the necessary information from stakeholders, reduce risk in proposals, and validate pricing.

Inventory Readiness Assessment

Monitoring your environment is easier said than done. Suppliers have inventory readiness questions tied to specific action items to ensure you are “checking all the boxes” when analyzing your environment for product compliance and utilization efficiency.




Want to Demo Our Portal Functionality?

The ClearEdge Portal is included for any clients with an Advisory Services Agreement with ClearEdge.
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