IT Deal Maker Academy Workshop

Immerse yourself in a series of intensive workshops focused on managing leverage, assessing risk, countering sales strategy, developing messaging, aligning stakeholders and leading strategic deal plans - all available online, from the comfort of your desk.


Quick hitting 30-minute live and recorded webinars on specific skills, suppliers and categories.

Explore Areas of Deal Education

IT Deal Maker
Academy Workshop

Highly focused, intensive workshops with ClearEdge coaches and analytics.


Install SAM tools, connect licensing data, and document ongoing processes.

Webinars & On-Demand Recordings

Optimize licensing and expose potential areas of non-compliance to reduce cost and risk.


Respond to audit notification with a team of former auditors on your side to protect against audit fees.


Raise Awareness.
Build Skills.
Develop Leadership.

With 80% of IT budgets tied up in legacy solutions, and little left to invest in innovations that enable the business, it has become imperative to control the power and reach of incumbent suppliers. To ensure that buyers maintain leverage over their spending, clients must elevate the role of IT deal makers. Led by former senior sales executives from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, EMC and other large IT suppliers, ClearEdge delivers a customizable education program, focused on the unique roles and responsibilities of IT, finance, business and sourcing professionals. The program emphasizes leverage management and is designed to:
  • Raise awareness of supplier sales systems and negotiation strategies

  • Equip your team with skills needed to inspect deals for opportunity

  • Develop leadership to drive the cross-functional alignment necessary to preserve leverage

  • Approach strategic negotiations from a position of strength

What Our Clients Think

Director of Global Procurement

The IT Deal-Maker Summit is the single event I make sure to attend every year.  The information is always valuable, always timely.

IT Category Manager

Your 30-minute webinars pack a lot of content into a short time span. Keep me updated – next time I’m inviting the whole team.

Chief Information Officer

The Leverage Management framework gives my team a common language to navigate each of our unique deals.

ClearEdge Academy Education
ClearEdge can help drive cost optimization, risk mitigation, supplier knowledge, and best negotiation practices within your most strategic technology investments. If you are interested in learning more about our educational offerings, fill out our contact form.