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SAP Indirect Access Assessment

ClearEdge Services & Deliverables

At ClearEdge, we have a team of experienced licensing specialists and former software auditors that can assist in optimizing your indirect access

of SAP software, identifying compliance gaps, and providing recommendations to prevent future exposure. Our indirect access assessment

services provide the following deliverables:

Indirect Access Gap

Identifies applications and areas of risk for indirect access to SAP and compliance implications.

Digital Access Assessment

Identifies total licenses (documents) required under the digital access licensing model and associated cost estimates.

Recommendations &
Future Roadmap

Provides recommendations and a roadmap for changing license models, improving SAP license management and/or addressing any license compliance areas.

Team Leadership & Delivery Model

ClearEdge provides ILMT Managed Services remotely by deploying a team of experienced professionals to work directly with the clients. The team brings decades of experience of working with clients on IBM software asset management and deal negotiation strategy.


Tres Larsen | Software Asset Management

Tres is the Software Asset Management (SAM) and Compliance Practice Lead at ClearEdge. Tres has led hundreds of Software Asset Management (SAM) reviews and audits for enterprise software vendors and helped dozens of enterprises design and implement effective SAM programs and navigate software audits. Prior to joining ClearEdge, Tres established and led KPMG’s Microsoft software compliance program in the U.S., where he designed and developed the audit methodology and audit data collection tools.


Richard Wright | Director, Software Asset Management & SAP Practice Lead

Richard is a former Senior Auditor from SAP, where he generated millions of dollars in audit collections across the US. Most recently, Richard served as a License Compliance Manager at Accenture, primarily supporting clients with SAP license optimization.


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